Mastication with my gum-improved memory?

11/12/2008 16:08
Breaking news, today 11th December 2008, the Guardian publishes how Wrigleys chewing gum manufacturer are shedding out millions into research about the benifits of chewing their gum. Another study has shown that mastication of gum, which excercises the muscles of mastication, can cause an increase...


Motor behaviour of the jaw muscles during different clenching levels.

11/12/2008 14:30
The goals of the study were to investigate muscle activities which are affected by different feedback strategies. The second goal, balancing behaviour of the neuromuscular system which is influenced by different force levels. The final goal of the study, included showing axial loading of the...


A gene MYH16, could provide evidence of evolution in Homo sapiens

08/12/2008 14:51
  A Gene that could be evidence of evolution to Homo sapiens. A single change in a single gene, MYH16 may have caused gross anatomical changes that spurred human evolution. This work published by the University of Pennsylvania in Nature, suggested a gene could be responsible for...


Studies in mice help to identify genes critical for mastication muscles in development

08/12/2008 14:48
 Studies conducted in mice lacking Krox 20 exhibit a significant reduction of primary jaw opening muscles, like anterior digastric and mylohyoid, no changes in mastication muscles were notified. Mice lacking MyoR and capsulin display a deficit in the four muscles of mastication. Although...



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